Kids Deserve It!: Pushing Boundaries & Challenging Conventional Thinking

Paperback – June 1, 2016

What if learning was exciting?


What if students felt important and empowered every time they walked into the building?


What if parents looked forward to calls from their children’s teachers and principals, instead of cringing when the school’s number popped up on their phones?


To Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome, those aren’t far-fetched what ifs; they can (and should) be a reality for every teacher, school, parent, and student.


In Kids Deserve It!, Todd and Adam encourage you to think big and make learning fun and meaningful for students. While you’re at it, you just might rediscover why you became an educator in the first place.


Learn why you should be calling parents to praise your students (and employees).


Discover ways to promote family interaction and improve relationships for kids at school and at home.


Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students.

Flipping 2.0: Practical Strategies
for Flipping Your Class

Paperback – August 20, 2013

WITH A FOREWORD BY AARON SAMS. If you’ve decided to flip your class, you probably have new questions: How do I do this? What will it look like? What will students do in class? How will I create learning experiences for students outside of class? What have other teachers done?


Flipping 2.0:Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Class seeks to answer your questions. And it opens the dialogue for us to continue to learn together.


In this book, you will follow practicing classroom teachers as they walk you through their flipped classroom journey; why and how they made the change, what obstacles they overcame, the technology they used, and where they are heading next. As a flipped learning teacher, you need time to check out workable solutions that other teachers have created.


Look inside their classrooms and learn from their experiences. Watch flipped teachers at work. Pick the brains of those who’ve been there, and join the conversation.


You’ll find something useful in every chapter. And there is a chapter just for you in this book.


With a chapter on mastery learning by Brian Bennett, two chapters on English by Cheryl Morris/Andrew Thomasson and Kate Baker, two chapters on social studies by Jason Bretzmann and Karl Lindgren-Streicher, two chapters on math by Audrey McLaren and John Stevens, two chapters on science by Marc Seigel and David Prindle, Google tools for flipping by Troy Cockrum, two chapters on technology by Cory Peppler and Tom Driscoll/Brian Germain, part-time flipping by Kenny Bosch, elementary school flipping by Todd Nesloney, middle school flipping by Nichole Carter, world languages flipping by Heather Witten, co-flipping by Cheryl Morris/Andrew Thomasson and even flipping your professional development by Kristin Daniels.


Read Flipping 2.0 today and make your decision to flip a reality.

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Stories from Webb

Releasing January 24, 2018
(a #KidsDeserveIt Collection)

Sparks in the Dark

Co-written with Travis Crowder (@TeacherManTrav)
coming out Summer 2018
(a #KidsDeserveIt Collection)

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