Kids Deserve It

In this virtual or in-person keynote, Todd discusses that in education, far too long, have we done the same old things in our classroom. It’s time that we think differently and stop making excuses. It’s time that we look at education through a childlike lens and allow ourselves some creative freedoms. Let’s eliminate the boundaries and titles and seek to do what’s best for kids.

Build A Powerful Campus Culture

As Nicholas Ferroni says, “Kids who are loved at home come to school to learn, but kids who aren’t, come to school to be loved”. Todd has watched first hand in his own classroom and now on his campus how empowering students and adults has transformed not only the culture of the campus but has transformed lives as well. Todd shares many different strategies that you can implement immediately that will positively affect those around you and build stronger relationships.

When Kids Lead

Todd Nesloney has been working his entire career to help grow students into leaders and world-changers. Whether it’s through SPECIAL, Morning Meetings, Social Media Interns, Student Ambassadors, or more! Throughout this presentation, let Todd share with you the many ways that you can inspire your students to dream big and leave a mark worth remembering. (also available as a dual-led session with co-author Adam Dovico)

Tell Your Story

Time after time we find ourselves getting lost in stories. We go on adventures, suffer heartache, celebrate wildly, and suspend belief as we consume the story of others. But how often do you find yourself sharing YOUR story? Letting others experience your journey. In this session, Todd Nesloney will share with you pieces of his story and how important it is for others to experience yours. He’ll share practical ways that you can take that first step, tools you can use, and ways to overcome that fear and self-doubt. Why? Because every story matters.

Tech Tools for EdNinjas

Throughout his career, Todd has utilized technology to increase his teaching capacity. In this session, Todd shares some of his favorite tech tools and uses personal experiences and stories to show the true impact of having kids (and adults) create with technology, share their story, and collaborate.

For the Love of Reading

Building a love of reading campus wide is something that Todd has become very passionate about. Having kids (and adults!) read because they love to read, not because it’s what they’re told they have to do. Todd shares numerous ideas on how any campus (or classroom) can build that love of reading so that everyone can grow.

Tech Tools for Administrators

Everyone likes a good tech tool that will make their jobs easier, right? Todd knows a handful of tools that exists that can benefit any administrator who is looking to keep organized, get out of their office more, and save some time!

Family Engagement

We all know the importance of getting the family involved in what’s happening at school, but so often we don’t even know where to begin. Throughout this conversation Todd will give you actionable items that you can use immediately to actively involve all families (even virtually!).


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