Books BY Todd Nesloney

Building Authenticity: A Blueprint for the Leader Inside You

Paperback – March 3, 2023

There is a leader inside each one of us. Whether at work or inside the front doors of your home, you have influence and set an example through the life you live. That is why the call for true authentic leaders is greater than ever. In Building Authenticity, Todd Nesloney and Tyler Cook will take you on a journey of both discovery and action. You will explore the foundations of truly living and leading with authenticity, such as:

  • Understanding your core values
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Building relational support systems
  • Welcoming feedback into your life
  • Fostering growth within those you lead
  • Prioritizing your life
  • and much more

You have greatness inside you, and Building Authenticity will provide you with the blueprint necessary to become the leader you were meant to be–in every aspect of your life. No matter your season, position, or title, leadership development begins with personal development, because who you are is how you lead.

In This Season: Words for the Heart

Paperback – May 31, 2022

Life is full of seasons.

Each of us has endured the cold of winter, the growth of spring, the light of summer, and the change of fall. We’ve climbed to the mountaintops and been deep in the valley.

In This Season: Words for the Heart takes the emotions we feel deep within and puts them into words. The pages of this book invites you to reflect and lean in as you continue through season after season.

You are not alone. Those feelings and emotions you hold secretly inside are part of all of us. When we share those parts of ourselves with others it brings us closer and allows us to finally feel seen.

So pause, breathe deep, and step forward into the reminder that you are loved and each season of your life holds purpose.

When Kids Lead

Paperback – May 29, 2020

Kids are capable of doing fantastic things! It’s time for educators—teachers, administrators, parents, mentors, coaches—to think differently about how we prepare students and encourage them to grow as leaders. We can equip students with the tools and skills that will allow them to identify, take on, and solve real-world problems. Award-winning educators Adam Dovico and Todd Nesloney offer a helpful primer on the importance of student leadership and how to incorporate training for it into education every day. Packed with practical advice and helpful strategies, When Kids Lead is a vital addition to the shelves of K–12 educators, who will find not just a roadmap for training students as leaders but concrete examples of how to facilitate their growth and development in today’s school environment. Throughout, Adam and Todd serve as helpful guides, explaining the benefits of leadership training while covering neglected topics, like the importance of discussing—and celebrating—leadership in the classroom and knowing when it’s the right time to follow.

Kids Deserve It!

Pushing Boundaries & Challenging Conventional Thinking

Paperback – June 1, 2016

What if learning was exciting? What if students felt important and empowered every time they walked into the building? What if parents looked forward to calls from their children’s teachers and principals instead of cringing when the school’s number popped up on their phones?  

To Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome, those aren’t far-fetched what ifs; they can (and should) be a reality for every teacher, school, parent, and student.  

In Kids Deserve It!, Todd and Adam encourage you to think big and make learning fun and meaningful for students. While you’re at it, you just might rediscover why you became an educator in the first place.   

  • Learn why you should be calling parents to praise your students (and employees).  
  • Discover ways to promote family interaction and improve relationships for kids at school and at home.  
  • Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students.  


Sparks in the Dark

Paperback – June 1, 2018

Books have the power to shape the way we think. Stories–reading them, writing them, and sharing them–give us new lenses through which to view the world and the people we encounter. In short, words matter. In Sparks in the Dark, Travis Crowder and Todd Nesloney share their experiences as educators who purposefully seek to spark a love for reading and writing in the learners they serve. The reason is simple: Writing and reading have the power to change the trajectory of a life. Through the stories and real-life examples they share, the authors light the way to . . .

  • Incorporating literacy skills in every subject in engaging ways.
  • Empowering students and staff to ask and explore tough questions about the world.
  • Encouraging learners at all levels to choose to read books that challenge them.
  • Taking responsibility to seek and share learning for everyone’s benefit.

More standards, tests, and mandates are not the answer to improving literacy. Sparking a fire–a passion–for words, stories, and self-expression in learners is the surest path to instilling a lifelong love of learning. Let’s light up the darkness!

Stories From Webb

Paperback – January 24, 2018


Education isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. It’s a role that comes with the responsibility to care deeply and to persist despite countless challenges—from state testing to budget cuts to long hours. It’s a way of life that rewards us with milestone moments and fills us with pride for the children and communities we serve. Stories from Webb goes right to the heart of education. Told by award-winning principal Todd Nesloney and his dedicated team of staff and teachers at Webb Elementary, this book will remind you why you became an educator. You’ll be reinvigorated by these relatable stories—and you just may be inspired to tell your own!

Spruce and Lucy

Paperback – February 25, 2020

Join a little tree named Spruce and a tiny ant named Lucy on an incredible journey through the forest as they discover the uniqueness in all of us and remind us that everyone has something to offer the world around them.