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In addition to my work at TEPSA, I travel the globe presenting keynotes, workshops, coaching, and more. If you’d like for me to present at your conference, school/district, company, or training please submit the booking request form.

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Your Leadership Blueprint

Within each of us is a leader. Whether that be in our workplace, our homes, or our friendship circles. Throughout this session/keynote Todd shares how you can welcome feedback, foster growth, build relational support systems, and lead in a way that inspires others to greatness. No matter your season, position, or title, leadership development begins with personal development, because who you are is how you lead.

Difficult Conversations

As leaders, we often find ourselves navigating challenging conversations, even in virtual settings. In this presentation, Todd will outline five essential steps for effectively managing difficult discussions, whether in a virtual or in-person context. Whether you’re leading the meeting or participating as an attendee, having a well-prepared game plan is key to success. Difficult conversations don’t have to be “difficult”.

Culture Matters!

For Teachers, Schools, and District-Wide PD: Contributing to the campus culture is a collective effort, with each individual playing a vital role. Todd, with extensive experience as an educator (serving as both an instructional aide and classroom teacher) and as a campus principal, has witnessed the transformative power of empowering students and adults. This empowerment not only shapes the campus culture but also has a profound impact on their lives. In this session, Todd will share actionable strategies that you can implement immediately. These strategies are designed to have a positive impact on everyone involved, strengthen relationships, and, most importantly, enhance student outcomes.

For Administrators and Leadership: Many administrators mistakenly assume they bear the sole responsibility for shaping the school’s culture. Join Todd in this session as he presents easily implementable ideas to establish an inclusive environment where every voice holds significance, fostering a culture where everyone feels valued. This approach inherently contributes to heightened teacher retention, improved relationships, and enhanced job satisfaction. Let’s collaborate to elevate the cultural fabric of our schools.

For Business/Corporate: Many corporate leaders mistakenly perceive exclusive responsibility for shaping the company’s culture. During this session, Todd will present easily implementable concepts to establish an environment where every perspective is esteemed, fostering a culture where everyone actively contributes. This naturally results in enhanced employee retention, improved interpersonal connections, and heightened job satisfaction. Let’s collaborate to strengthen the culture within our organization.

Hire, Train, Retain

Delve into the often-overlooked art of hiring, training, and retaining top educators. Todd, known for his engaging humor and honesty, will reveal essential strategies for conducting effective interviews, nurturing talent, and maintaining a strong team. This session offers leaders practical insights for building and sustaining a high-performing educational team. This session promises to transform your approach to leadership.

Kids Deserve It!

For far too long, we have done the same old things in education. It’s time that we think differently and stop making excuses. Let’s reexamine education with a revitalized perspective, granting ourselves greater creative liberties that align with our goals. It’s time to remove the constraints of boundaries and titles, focusing on what is truly in the best interest of children. Why? Because our kids deserve it!

When Kids Lead

Todd Nesloney has dedicated his entire career to nurturing students into future leaders and catalysts for positive change. Whether employing methods like SPECIAL, Morning Meetings, Social Media Interns, Student Ambassadors, and beyond, let Todd guide you through this presentation, unveiling numerous strategies to empower your students to dream ambitiously and make a lasting impact.

Artificial Intelligence 101

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our everyday existence, influencing various aspects of our lives. We face a choice: either ignore this reality and risk falling behind, or proactively engage with and embrace the technology. By understanding and incorporating AI into our lives, we have the opportunity to enhance outcomes, reclaim lost time, and foster personal growth. Join Todd in this session as he shares fundamental knowledge about artificial intelligence and provides practical ideas and resources that you can immediately apply to benefit both your career and personal life.

Tech Tools with Todd

For Administrators: Everyone likes a good tech tool that will make their jobs easier, right? Todd knows a handful of tools that exists that can benefit any administrator who is looking to keep organized, get out of their office more, and save some time!

For Educators: Throughout his career, Todd has utilized technology to increase his teaching capacity. In this session, Todd shares some of his favorite tech tools and uses personal experiences and stories to show the true impact of having kids (and adults) create with technology, share their story, and collaborate.

Family Engagement

Recognizing the significance of engaging families and community members in school affairs is crucial. However, many times, we find ourselves unsure of how to initiate this involvement, and it becomes convenient to justify the lack of participation. In this session, Todd will dispel any excuses and provide you with practical ideas that can be implemented right away to actively engage all stakeholders.

Be the Spark: Ignite the Love of Reading Campus Wide

Todd is deeply committed to instilling a passion for reading both within and beyond the campus walls. The true essence lies in inspiring children (and adults!) to embrace reading out of genuine love, rather than driven by the demands of tests or assignments (a situation familiar to us all). Todd offers a myriad of ideas on how your campus (or classroom) can foster a love for reading, ensuring that everyone can encounter the exhilarating moment of falling in love with a captivating book.

Tell Your Story

Time after time we find ourselves getting lost in stories. We go on adventures, suffer heartache, celebrate wildly, and suspend belief as we consume the story of others. But how often do you find yourself sharing YOUR story? Letting others experience your journey. In this session, Todd Nesloney will share pieces of his story and how important it is for others to experience yours. He’ll share practical ways that you can take that first step, tools you can use, and ways to overcome that fear and self-doubt. Why? Because every story matters.

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