Week Twelve – Nov 26-30, 2012

Another great week!

We spent class time Monday working with my studnets on their new iPhone 4’s.  It’s surprising to me the lack of knowledge there is with this device.  I had assumed they kids would know what they were doing already, and they don’t!  It’s just more proof that we can’t assume kids know technology just becuase they’re surrounded by it.

Tuesday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  We had every student bring their iphone and they were tasked with taking photos while at the musuem, so that when they got back to school they could prepare a slideshow to show what they had learned.  It was so exciting to me to see the amazement in the student’s eyes as they walked around the museum.  They took in every single exhibit.  And even more, every student now has personal memroies documented from the trip because for the first time ever, every student was able to have thier own camera at their disposal.  It was also great to get a compliment from the museum staff as we left about how impresed they were with our students behavior and that not many shools bring kids that are excited or interested as ours were!

Wednesday through Friday I wasn’t at school.  I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Academy (www.ronclarkacademy.com) in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was life changing.  You can check out all what went down in Georgia at my trip blog, http://ninjaroadtrip.blogspot.com

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