Join the #ARevolution: A Series of Learning Posts

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has been around for decades but is just now filtering into the educational world. AR and its uses in education have become an extremely popular topic lately with articles on various respected educational websites.  

Drew Minock (@TechMinock) and I (@TechNinjaTodd) believe it is exciting to see many educators getting interested in augmented reality but think there’s been a lack of articles that really showcase the power and potential learning experience that Augmented Reality brings. Drew and I will be collaborating on a series of posts to share every angle of augmented reality in education. As teachers who are actively using AR in the classroom, we believe we bring a different and needed point of view to the entire augmented reality conversation. We will seek to not only explain augmented reality, but also show how to use it, and the incredible excitement that AR can bring into your classroom and school! These series of posts will feature the following topics:

Augmented Reality in Education Series

Timeline: Released on Sundays

Post #1: What is AR? (Oct 13th)
Post #2: Why use AR in education? (Oct 20th)
Post #3: AR apps in education (Oct 27th)
Post #4: Meaningful Ways to use AR in Edu (Nov 3rd)
Post #5: Future of AR (Nov 10th)

We plan to share our experiences with augmented reality in education, as well as experiences from educators worldwide who are using AR to create magical and engaging learning experiences. Have you already been using augmented reality in your classroom?? Fill out our survey and you could be featured in one of our upcoming posts! Join the revolution with us, the ARevolution!

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