Meet @ofancyfrench, The Manager of Missing Smiles

This week I’d like to introduce you to someone who has played a huge role in my growth as an educator and as a person, Kathy French.  I am so blessed and honored to get to work with Kathy over at Navasota Intermediate.

But you see, I’ve been with Kathy longer than just this year.  I’ve known Kathy since I started teaching 7 years ago.  How?  Because she was my team teacher and partner in crime my first two years of teaching.

Kathy is one of those people that I could sit all day and list the amazing things about her, and on the other hand not think of even one negative thing to say about her.

Kathy taught me how to have fun with kids.  Kathy taught me about building relationships.  Kathy taught me about being flexible with your school day.  But most importantly Kathy allowed me to be out of the box and creative.  She jumped right off the ledge with me so many times.

Over the years I’ve continued to work with Kathy at my former campus in different capacities.  Kathy was the person I ran to for advice, to vent, or just to get a laugh.

When we had to define our “genius” this year, Kathy named herself the “Manager of Missing Smiles” and that couldn’t be more fitting.

Kathy has this unique ability to make even the toughest heart crumble into laughter.  When I asked Kathy to step outside the classroom and join NIS as our Librarian, I had no back up if she said no.  Why? Because there was no one else I wanted for that job.

A librarian helps kids fall in love with reading.  A librarian can be that face that brightens your day.  The library is the heart of our campus and I’m happy Kathy is in there.  You can even read HERE some of the great things she’s already doing.

Kathy is such a unique and amazing person.  She is creative, outgoing, outrageous, kind, inspiring, and I could keep listing for days. And in just a few short weeks I’ve watched her bloom into even more of an incredible leader, teacher, and friend.

If you come to visit Navasota Intermediate, and you’re in need of a smile or big hug, stop by our library.  Mrs. French will be there ready and waiting for you.

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