Always Learning

In every presentation I do I always tell other educators, “how dare we walk into our schools every day and tell our students to learn, if we aren’t continuing our own learning daily”. It’s so important to me that I am learning and growing myself to always get better.

One online learning platform that I’ve fallen in love with is Advancement Courses! What I love about Advancement Courses is not only how convenient it is, or that I can earn continuing learning hours, but the fact that there are TONS of great topics to choose from.

What I want to learn about is constantly changing. I see a deficiency in my own life or career and want to better myself immediately and can do just that!

Now, I know what you might be thinking…..can’t I just get FREE learning from social media. The easy answer to that is…yes. But the more in-depth answer is that you “get what you pay for”. With Advancement Courses I’m getting learning that has been vetted and has research to back it up. I’m also getting to learn alongside my peers, at my own rate, in a closed environment where I can focus on the topic at hand.

Just this last month I took a course called “Flexible Seating” to help grow my own knowledge base not only in flexible seating ideas, but also the research behind it. (I’ve previously taken a FANTASTIC course over Student Anxiety).

I loved taking the flexible seating course. I could read and do the activities on my own time. I could interact with others taking the class as I needed. I had PDFs and print outs to share with others in my community. And more! It was easy, it was digestible, and I learned something new!

We all need to be continually looking to grow ourselves and with programs like Advancement Courses it makes it that much easier! If you’re looking to try your first course use the code TEACHMAMA20 to get 20% off!

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