Re-Thinking Perfect Attendance Awards


I want to throw something out there. And yes I understand some of you will be up in arms about it, but hear me out.

I think it’s time we get rid of “Perfect Attendance” awards. Especially at the elementary level.

I saw a post today by a friend of mine, Amy Mayer, that got me thinking about this.

Let’s think about this….

– We hear on the news, especially with the spread of flu and corona virus, to stay home when we’re sick. But this award punishes those who stay home when they’re sick.

– We award children, who are not of driving age, who arrive to school every day on time. Which really, shouldn’t we be awarding their parents?

– This award statically hurts children from poverty because they have less access to health care, medicine, and resources. Which means they are more likely to miss days.

– Some say, with awards like perfect attendance, we’re getting them ready for the real-world work environment. I think we think of better ways to get them ready then an award for having your parent drop you off on time everyday.

I get that we want to award kids, and we SHOULD. But, I have never been a fan of awarding people for something that is expected.  It’s expected that you show up daily, so why are you being awarded when you do?

Awards are for going above and beyond or celebrating something unique about that person. Every child, and adult, deserves to be awarded.  But we can be intentional and specific about those awards.

I believe we can do better than a “Perfect Attendance” Award.

I think it’s time we get rid of it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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