Week Nine – Oct 29-Nov 2, 2012

Another fun week!

Monday we had another “house cleaning” day.  We went over the CBA from Thursday, did new vocabulary cards, and worked on FastMath (a program that helps students memorize their multiplication facts).

Tuesday I was out at ANOTHER training, but the students didn’t miss a beat.  They watched a lesson I had recorded, then the sub worked with them on the math as I skyped into each class to check on them, review them, and answer any questions they had.  It was great!

Wednesday was a 1/2 day so classes were a little shorter.  But at my training from they day before I learned about a “Stamp Activity”.  During the training several 7th grade teachers said their students would never be able to handle it.  I disagreed and said even 5th graders could handle it.  So I tried it with my class today.  And not surprisingly I DID have a group figure it out!!  That is proof that we can never count out kids based on their age.  They CAN do it if given the chance, you just have to push them!

Thursday and Friday we began Fractions and I recorded some new videos.  It’s always funny to me how the kids are now begging me for videos to watch!  I love their hunger for learning now.  It’s so encouraging!

I’m excited about next week!!

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