Week Eight – Oct 22-26, 2012

This week was interesting….

We did a really neat lesson with cheese balls.  I bought three HUGE containers of cheese balls (one for each class), and we split the cheese balls up between the students.  They then had to count their cheese balls and identify wether or not their amount was prime or composite.  If they got it right they got to eat 6.  If they got it wrong, they ate none.  And we continued doing this over and over with different rules and trading plates of cheese balls and things until all the cheese balls were gone.  The kids had a blast and it was a neat way to teach math!

This week we also played a review game with buzzers.  I got this new set of four buzzers where each buzzer makes a different noise.  So we played a review game where I split the class into four groups and asked them review questions over Prime/Composite and Patterning.  Groups buzzed in when they had the right answer or buzzed in to steal from a group with the wrong answer.  I think the kids may have had the most fun they did all year.  They were REALLY getting into it.  They LOVED hitting the buzzers.  The next morning I opened my classroom at 7:30 (we normally open our rooms at 8:10) for any kids who wanted to come play the game again, and 24 of 76 students showed up!  That to me proves it was awesome.

We took our CBA on Thursday and the kids didn’t do as great as I would have liked, but I did see the problem.  I’m not requiring them to show ALL their work, and that is hurting them.  So I will def be adjusting that.

Friday we had a Track Meet, so we didn’t do anything “math” haha.

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