Week Seven – Oct 15 – 19, 2012

This week was awesome!!  On Monday we completed the prime/composite project we had begun from the week before.

Then I had forgotten that I had to be out of town for two different trainings on Wednesday and Thursday, so I left a pre-recorded lesson with my sub, so it was like I wasn’t even absent!  The kids worked in groups on different activities over the video.

BUT, my FAVORITE part, was that during breaks from my trainings I was attending I was able to Skype in to my classroom and check on them, answer any questions, and ask my own review questions over that days lesson.  It was soooo cool to interact with my kids even though I wasn’t there in class with them.  And it also made me feel much better about missing school because it was like I wasn’t even missing!
I also was able to convince a few educators I was with to Skype in to my class during that day too and ask my kids some “challenge” questions.  That was fun for them to get to see some of the people I was with, but to also meet some new teachers.
This year, having a Flipped Class model, as really allowed me to interact with and instruct my students in a whole new and exciting way.  My students are engaged, learning, and having fun!  What more could I honestly ask for?  It is a little extra work sometimes?  SURE, but in the end the rewards are totally worth it!  I am challenging my students more than I ever have, and it’s taking time, but slowly and surely they are beginning to rise to my challenges!!

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