13 Educators You Should Be Following on Twitter, but Probably Aren’t!

I did a list like this about a year ago, and I thought it was a great time to do another!

Listed below are 13 people I learn from quite often, that many of my blog readers probably haven’t heard about!  So I’ve decided to introduce you to them, so that you can learn from them as much as I do!  So give them a follow, send them a tweet, and join in on learning together!

Aaron Marvel is an instructional coach at my campus in Navasota.  He is incredibly intelligent.  His post are always insightful and positive.  With two masters under his belt and working on his PHD in Educational Psychology, Aaron is a wealth of knowledge and someone who is continually trying to better others through learning all he can while also being a bright light.  He’s fairly new to Twitter, but the tweets he shares out are worthy for sure.  If there’s anyone you follow on this list, Aaron should definitely be at the top of your list!

Andrea Keller is an Instructional Technology Specialist in Irving, Texas.  I have never met anyone with a more sunny disposition as Andrea.  Andrea can always see the best in every situation.  But even more so than that she’s incredibly intelligent and super creative when it comes to educating other teachers on technology resources!  She’s all about having fun and using technology to create not consume.  She always brings a wealth of knowledge on dealing with students with learning struggles.

Ben Gilpin is an administrator in Michigan.  I have learned so much from Ben and the things he shares about what he’s doing in his own career as well as the incredible things his school is doing.  Ben is always willing to give a helping hand and he is a wealth of information.  There are few administrators I admire as much as Ben.

Daisy Dyer Duerr….the administrator with the best souther accent ever!  In addition to a killer souther accent, Daisy is one of those people who shares her story and learning so well. She is always sharing about what she’s doing at her rural Arkansas school to continually better a child’s education.  She’s an award winning administrator who is supremely worthy of a follow.

Emily Swenson, where do I even begin?  Emily has been a teacher for years now and has continually pushed the boundary of what a child’s education can look like.  Now Emily is a “Explor-A-Lab” teacher at her school and the things she’s doing with those kids is beyond inspiring.  If you’re looking for new and innovative things to do with kids, Emily is a must follow.

Jed Dearybury is a second grade teacher in South Carolina.  Jed is full of passion and humor.  He’s an award winning educator who’s number one priority is doing what’s best for kids.  Jed shares so many great resources and tools and tons of photos too!  Jed is a great follow to add to your lists!

JoAnn Delaney is Middle School teacher that I had the pleasure of meeting face to face recently.  She is so full of passion and joy that when you interact with her you leave with a smile on your face.  JoAnn shares so many great resources from everywhere online and is someone who’s been recognized by several organizations for the innovative work she’s doing.

Kimberly Goh is a force to be reckoned with.  Kimberly is always on the search for the best things going on in education.  She shares constantly and always seems to find out about things before everyone else.  I love following Kimberly’s posts to learn about new and great ideas.

Melissa Butler was just recently recognized by the Bammy’s as the Middle School Teacher of the Year.  She’s from New Jersey and is constantly pushing the boundaries on what a classroom could look like.  I love following the many great posts that Melissa puts out that help me grow and think about things differently.

Paul Carver is a middle school teacher in Kansas.  Paul is exploring the many ways that PBL and Makerspaces can work within a classroom.  Paul is always willing to share the things that he’s learning and trying with his students.  I absolutely love watching the journey that Paul is on as he figures out how to make PBL and Makerspaces work at his school.

Russ Kahle is a Director of Instructional Technology in Kansas.  Russ is a wealth of information of all things technology and music.  If there’s every a technology question that I can’t figure out I make sure to check with Russ because of his wealth of information or the fact that he knows where to go if he doesn’t know either.

Tamara Letter is a Tech Integrator out of Virgina.  I just love the posts that Tamara shares on how she’s helping teachers integrate technology into their classroom.  I feel like I’m learning all the time from the great things that Tamara tweets out.

Felix Jacomino is a Director of Technology in Miami, Florida.  But man Felix is so much more than that. Felix is probably one of the most hardworking and creative people that I know.  He recently organized an INCREDIBLE conference called, Miami Device.  Felix is a wealth of information on all things technology and improving education.  He always seems to be on the cutting edge of what is happening and what is coming in education.  I respect Felix immensely and tell everyone I know to follow him.

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