Week Seventeen – Jan 14-18, 2013

Had a blast this week!

This week was filled with many exciting things…I was asked to write a chapter or two in a new Flipped Classroom book coming out in August, I’m THIS close to getting my children’s book published, I have another Flipped Classroom Webinar coming up in February (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5249898588)
and more!

Anyway, back to class stuff!

First this week we worked with Coordinate Grids/Points and instead of just plotting some points on paper, I built a life-size Coordinate Grid on the ground and kids used themselves to plot and discuss points on the graph.  It was a blast and really game them a visual of what it means to plot points.

Later that week we moved into Median, Mode, and Range.  To help teach that we did a bunch of different activities.  We worked on Median, Mode, and Range Riddles (with a deck of cards), we did a scavenger hunt in the hall, and students then got to write their own problems.  The students loved the Riddles the most because then they got to earn points for their “houses”.
A few exciting upcoming opportunities we have is that NEXT Monday (Jan 28th) we will be Skyping with a classroom from Sweden to discuss simliarities and differences between our two countries!!  And then that same afternoon we’ll be Skyping with Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler about setting goals and the Olympics.  And then next week we will also be Skyping with someone from Venezuela as we learn about his country too.  My students are soooo pumped, as am I!  I know some of you may be saying “what does this Skyping have to do with math??”, and my answer to that is….NOTHING!  But I want to give my students experiences they’ll remember.  My goal is to build a complete student, not just one who can do math well, but one who has interacted with students from all over the world!!  The more fun I make my class, the  more excited students are to come to my class, and the easier it is to teach them math!  

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