I’m Going to the White HOUSE!!!

So I can’t believe I’m writing this…my hands are actually shaking as I write this…but I can FINALLY share my big news…

***DISCLAIMER: Per the White House’s request, I cannot take any interviews or  have any part in ANY blog posts (outside of this one) with any entity until AFTER the official White House Press Release comes out, but I am allowed to share this…

I have been selected as a White House Champion of Change!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I cannot believe it!!!!

I will get to travel to the White House in two weeks.  I’ll get to be honored at the event, speak on a panel, and write a blog post for the White House website!!

I can’t even believe this is real.  I’m a teacher in a tiny town in Texas….I’ve never even been to DC!!  Oh man oh man oh man!!

So yes, dear PLN, I had to share the news with you!  I’ve known for a little while and it has KILLED me keeping it a secret, but I am now allowed to share!  Just can’t do any press or press releases about it, until after the OFFICIAL White House Press Release comes out in about a week and a half!!

Wow wow wow wow.

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