EduBlog Awards Finalists

EduBlogs has released their finalists for their EduBlog Awards for 2013!
Man there are some really great finalists in each category.  I highly encourage you to check out their site and vote for people you respect in the online world!  You can check out all the nominations here
I was super excited to find out I am a finalists for the “Best Individual Tweeter”!  I would love your vote 🙂 you can vote for that by clicking here or clicking the arrow pointing up below.

But just as exciting, if not more exciting, is the fact that the podcast I co-host with Chris Kesler and Stacey Huffine, EduAllStars, was nominated for “Best Podcasts or Google Hangouts”.  We would LOVE your vote to support our podcast, EduAllStars.  You can vote by clicking here or the arrow pointing up below.
We have many friends that were nominated too!  Erin Klein, Shannon Miller, Two Guys & Some iPads (Drew Minock and Brad Waid), Pernille Ripp, Matt Gomez, Amber Teamann, Eric Sheninger, Angela Maiers, Kevin Honeycutt and so many more!  So go, check through the lists and drop a vote! And yes you CAN vote for more than one person/group per event!
Thanks again for all the nominations!  I love my PLN.

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