#YouMatter Panel at #ISTE2014 w/ @techbradwaid @angelamaiers @techminock @stevemesler and ME!

**this post was co-written with Drew Minock.

If you’ve been a connected educator for very long you’ve probably heard of the #YouMatter movement.  The movement was founded by Angela Maiers and seeks to help celebrate the potential that each individual has and to remind others of their value.

In preparing to go to ISTE, Drew Minock and I, had an idea of putting a panel together to discuss ways that we’ve taken the You Matter mantra and incorporated it into our classrooms to affect change within kids.  Our first thought was to get Angela on board.  Through social media, and video platforms like Google Hangouts, Drew and I both had a pre-existing relationship with Angela, and convincing her to jump on board couldn’t have been easier.

After we got Angela on board we also invited our good friend Brad Waid because of his work with inspiring his students as well.

Then, a good friend of mine, Olympic Gold Medalist and co-founder of Classroom Champions Steve Mesler had an opening in his schedule and was now going to be attending ISTE.  Steve was a perfect addition to the panel with the amount of work that he does bringing in professional athletes to help inspire kids.

We are honored that ISTE has given us this opportunity to speak about inspiring people to own their genius.  More importantly, we can’t wait to share our stories and hopefully inspire many others to help unlock the potential that lies within every person.  We hope to give ideas on how anyone can change someone’s life just by letting them know they’re valued, their voice matters, and that they matter.  So don’t miss our Panel Session on Sunday, June 29th at 8:30am in B206 or join in on the conversation using the hashtags #ISTE2014 and #YouMatterPanel.

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