Family Game Night at @NavasotaInt

In a continued effort to bring families into what we’re trying to do here at Navasota Intermediate, we came up with the idea to have a Family Game Night.  I had done something like this at my previous school.

We partnered with a local teacher supply store, name Jacques.  Jacques brought out about 30 different educational games and my teachers picked the game they wanted to play.

Then we invited families up to the school for an hour just to hang out and play games with the teachers.

I wasn’t quite sure what the turnout would be, but we had a great little crowd!  We had about 30-40 families show up throughout the hour.

It was such a joy to listen to the laughter and watch people just having fun!  And it was a great opportunity for families to see that educational games exist and can be fun too!

I write this short little post just to remind teachers and administrators out there, that there are so many “little” things you can do to continue to break down barriers and invite families in.

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