Each of Us Holds Value

This week we had our monthly staff meeting, and it was a powerful one.

Every month when we have our staff meetings I try to begin and end with an inspirational video and some sort of activity.  I want out staff meetings to be about more than just a relay of information.  I want us to find ways to come closer together and to have fun.

The past week or two has been especially tough for me.  There had been a lot of negative things coming into play that were just dragging me down.  And I could sense that some others on campus were facing similar battles.  Then I remembered what I like to do most when I’m feeling upset, and that is find ways to encourage others.  And then I remembered how perfectly that would fit into our motto of being a Choose2Matter School. Hence, our idea was born.

Everyone came into the faculty meeting and found their seat based on where this paper below was sitting.  They weren’t given any instructions other than sit where I’ve placed your name.  It was printed in color and on cardstock.  Then each person was given a different colored sharpie marker.

I started the meeting with a quick video (below) that I found and just fell in love with.
After watching the video I talked about how the Spring semester of school can be a trying time on parents, kids, and us.  And that sometimes what we forget to do is remind those around us how much they truly mean to us and how much value they hold.  I reminded my team that every single one of them holds value on our campus and are a needed piece of our campus puzzle.
Then each person was asked to stand up and take their sharpie and go to the different pages around the room and write an adjective, phrase, quote, scripture, saying, whatever!  They were just encouraged to write something about that person whose paper they were standing in front of.
After 15 minutes we all sat back down and were given time to just look over our papers.  As an adult one of the most difficult things to do is sit down in front of another adult, look them in the eye, and accept the compliment they’re giving.  I saw quite a few tears well up and I know when I read mine I had to hold back as well.

Why do we forget?  Why do we lose sight of our worth?  I think sometimes we can get lost in the moment or lost in the negativity.  We must take those times, not only to understand and remember our worth, but also take the time to remind others.  Imagine how different this world could be if we took time every day to tell someone how important they were to us.  These pages we created are going to be displayed in our teacher’s lounge until the end of the school year so we have a constant visual reminder of the worth each of us holds.  Then on the last day we’ll get to each take them home with us.

Take time today to share your gratitude with someone.  Call your parent, send a note to a sibling, FaceTime with your niece or nephew.  Just find time today to remind someone of the worth they hold in your life.  It can make all the difference.

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