Don’t Lose Sight

Teaching is hard.  There are often 1,000 things to do every day.  It’s so easy to get lost in what we’re doing.

Last week, I realized that happened to me.

As an administrator I feel that it’s hugely important that I’m actively involved in all parts of the school.  That includes morning and afternoon duty stations.

Every morning I serve morning car duty.  I’m the first person the kids see when they get out of their cars and enter our doors.  I have the ability to set the tone for the entire day.

But work got busy.  With testing season upon us, parents waiting in my office, forms I had to fill out, and so on, I got so busy that for about a week or so I choose to stop doing car duty to get some of the other things done.  I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal, and that it wouldn’t really matter too much.

I was wrong.

How do I know I was wrong?  Because two weeks ago, I started doing car duty faithfully every morning again.  And I realized something.  Greeting the students with a warm-hug or handshake and telling them I was so happy they made it today, didn’t just start their day out on the right foot, it started my day out as well.  It reminded of me of WHY I’m in education.  For them.

Then last week, one student said something that solidified everything.  She said, “Mr. Nesloney, I love you doing car duty because even when my mom yells at me on the way to school I know that I will get here and that you will still hug me and tell me how happy you are to see me”.


What had happened?  In the midst of all the little things, I had lost sight.  I’d lost sight of the most important part of my job; the kids.

As we near the final lap of this school year I encourage you to check your priorities.  Check your focus.  Have you also, like I did, allowed the little things to steal away your focus?

I promise you, when you turn all your focus back on the kids, it reignites a fire that keeps you going.

Don’t forget about our kids.  Don’t lose sight.

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