Change is On The Horizon

If you’ve been following me for very long you know that I took the position of Principal/Lead Learner at Navasota Intermediate this past school year.

It has been the most challenging yet most rewarding year of my career and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This next school year, there will be some changes in my district.  Currently we have a PreK-3rd Grade campus (Webb Elementary; about 900 students) and a 4-5 campus (Mine; Navasota Intermediate; about 350 students).  There is also a PreK-5 campus (High Point Elementary) that is on the southern tip of our county.  As part of another reconstitution, Webb Elementary and my campus will be becoming PreK-5 campuses, so that our district can have three campus that can now be aligned.

That would also mean that my campus would get a name change and be gaining more kids, and the Webb campus would be decreasing at the same time.

I am thrilled about this change.  I really believe having a campus with those ages on it will be huge to building even stronger relationships and helping every child find their version of success.

Last week though something interesting happened.

I was asked to move over to Webb Elementary next year as the principal there.  Talk about a huge vote of confidence to move over to a campus with a much larger student population.

After talking with my administrative team (who would be moving over with me), and after praying about it, I felt like this was the right move at this time.  I can’t wait to interact with even more staff, students, and parents.

Due to the reconstitution as well, I will not be leaving my entire current staff behind.  With the restructuring of the grade levels there will be quite a bit of movement of staff and in the coming weeks we (the other two principals and myself) will be looking at just who will be going where.

I can’t wait for this next stage in my journey.  I have absolutely loved my time at Navasota Intermediate, and will finish out this year blazing strong.  Here’s to the next chapter in the story.

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