20 Songs to Use at School #KidsDeserveIt

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about songs with lyrics that have been challenging or inspiring me.  I wrote a post called “Rise” about Katy Perry’s new song, and then “Breathe” about Jonny Diaz’s new song.

After writing those posts I thought about how much I love music and how much I use music at school.  As a classroom teacher I always tried to keep my finger on the pulse of positive, clean, inspiring music the kids may know or enjoy.

As a principal now, I start every single day with a song playing over the announcements.  So I figured why not share some of my favorites with you (and link to where you can get them on iTunes)!  So here they are…

We Are Brave” by Shawn McDonald
(A several year staple. I still can’t get enough of this song)
Love With Your Life” by Hollyn 
(BRAND NEW song I can’t wait to use)
Dices (Who Says)” by Selena Gomez 
(we use the Spanish version just to mix things up but the English version is great too!)
Lean On Me” by Group 1 Crew
Gold” by Britt Nicole
(love the message in this song)
Be One” by Natalie Grant
(this one does have a religious slant towards the second verse, but the first verse and chorus are still so powerful)
Sing” by Pentatonix
Make the World Move” by Christina Aguilera ft Cee Lo Green
Day One” by Matthew West

Powerful” by Empire
Dark Horses” by Switchfoot
You Are Loved” by Stars Go Dim
Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen
Different” by Tricia
Different Drum” by Blanca
The One” by Brandon Heath
Imagine” by Melissa Greene
Rise Up” by Andra Day
Torches” by Daughtry
Rock What You Got” Superchic[k]
I believe there’s such power in music.  I try to uplift, encourage, and inspire my students every day with different music the way it has touched my life as well.
These are just a few of the many songs I use in my classroom and in my school.  What are some of your favorites?

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