8 Educators Worth Following on Twitter #KidsDeserveIt

Every so often I love to write a post sharing with you some people on social media who have been inspiring me.  I am connected with, and inspired by, so many!  So this is in NO WAY the complete list!  But these are a few that I’ve come to find in the last month or so who are doing some incredible work!  So connect with them, follow them, and let’s learn together!
Eli is an Elementary administrator in New Mexico.  I love Eli’s passion for education and his tireless work to do what’s best for kids. Eli is great at pushing your thinking, encouraging others, and really looking at things with a unique perspective.  Eli is never one to let any excuses get in the way of doing what’s best for kids. I have learned so much from Eli in the short time I’ve been connected with him and he pushes me to grow more every day!
Travis is a middle school teacher in North Carolina.  Travis is one of the most incredible writers I’ve ever met.  His posts always contain such depth, information, and passion.  He is an avid reader, but even more so he’s an advocate for all children.  He is incredibly giving of his time to kids and other educators and is always up-lifting.  Travis has really pushed my thinking about independent reading, poetry, and student led projects.
Onica is an Elementary principal in Texas.  I absolutely love Onica’s energy and passion.  She is always encouraging her staff and pushing herself to be better.  She is outgoing and incredibly focused.  I have loved following Onica (and stealing a few of her ideas along the way!)
Serjio is 4th grade Teacher in Texas.  I love Serjio’s ideas that he pushes into the classroom with his students.  Serjio is great at sharing his learning (in person and online) and is really passionate on providing a high quality education to every student regardless of their backgrounds.
Jorge is a 3rd grade teacher in Texas.  I have been blown away by Jorge’s creativity and ideas.  He works tirelessly to provide new and exciting ideas for his students. I am thankful there are leaders like Jorge who are sharing their ideas online so that I can keep passing them along to my teachers.  
Catherine is a teacher in Australia.  I have absolutely loved following Catherine’s tweets and seeing the work she’s doing.  Catherine is super encouraging and someone who is always working to do better for her students and school.  She’s an avid learner and is active on social media and connecting with others.
Crystal is a Math Specialist in North Carolina.  I love the things that Crystal shares on social media and how she’s always highlighting the work of others.  She is full of energy and incredibly passionate.  She shares great ideas and always has me wanting to be and do better!
Robert is a Superintendent in Florida.  I love Robert’s passion for showing of his students and schools.  He is super positive and encouraging and one who is a great resource of tons of ideas shared through his twitter!
So there ya go! Just a few more people to check out on social media that you may or may not have already been connected with!

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