New Endeavor – EduAllStars

Well I am SO excited to announce a new endeavor I am undertaking with two of my friends; Stacey Huffine (@TechNinjaStacey) and Chris Kesler (@iamkesler).  It’s a new podcast series called EduAllStars!

At least twice a month (maybe more) we will be interviewing different people in the education field to hear their stories and to give them a platform to share what they’re passionate about in Education right now.

We have some HUGE guests coming up!  Our first guest, for this Friday (6/21) is Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler (@SteveMesler).  He’s a TED-Ed Educator, Speaker, Writer, and co-founder of Classroom Champions (

So please join us in this journey!!  Keep up-to-date with everything via our Twitter account @EduAllStarsHQ and our website (which has links to the podcast and much more!!)

Our first podcast (a brief intro) is already up!  Let me know what you think 🙂

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