3 Things We All Want

No matter what job you have or what you do in your day to day, you’re going to be working at some point with other people. Whether that be your co-workers, someone at the grocery store, or even just your friends or family.

In the work that I do I am constantly looking at how we as humans behave. Are there constants even despite our differences? Are there things we should know about each other so that we can better meet needs and leave a positive impact?

Time and time again I keep coming back to the truth that there are three things we all want.

We all want to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Now I know the cynical of the bunch can say, “well no, I want to get paid more!” or “I want to vacation or travel more”, and yes those can be true at the same time, but the reality is, at our core, there are still 3 things that remain that impact every area of our lives.

When we feel valued at our job or within our circles, we work harder. We show up more committed. We know that what we bring to the table matters. We feel wanted.

When we feel seen at our job or within our circles, we open up more. We know that the work we’re doing is affecting others. We feel our time and effort acknowledged.

When we feel heard, we feel like our voice matters. We share more ideas. We aren’t afraid of retaliation. We feel more assured of who we are.

As you go through today, I encourage you stop and think about the people you’re interacting with.

The cashier at the store.
The student walking down the hall.
The colleague in the office next to yours.
Your mom when you call her.
Your child when you come home.
The customer service agent on the phone.
The client you just emailed.

And when you think about them, is there some point during the interaction with them that you made them feel seen, valued, or heard?

And especially if you were frustrated or upset. Because as the saying goes we attract more with honey than vinegar.

Now I’m not saying this is an easy task (especially if you were frustrated at the person). But what I am saying is that if you truly want to reach and impact the people around you, you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind the 3 things that we all want. You’ll remember how important it is that YOU also feel seen, heard, and valued. And you’ll see how quickly your word choice, your tone, and the time you spend getting to know people changes.

Start small. But start today.

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