Learning with @30Hands

So recently I learned about this great free app called 30 Hands.  Essentially what it does is that it allows you to import images into the app and then the kids can annotate over the images and record themselves speaking.

It’s very intuitive and easy to use.  So with my 5th graders I had them go outside and take pictures of different things that showed us parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.  Then we came back inside, uploaded our images to 30 Hands and each student recorded themselves speaking about how each picture was reflective of a certain type of lines.  Some of my students wrote on the images using the editing tools in 30 Hands and some even used Skitch (an app I’ve previously mentioned) to write on some photos, add them to their camera roll, and then upload them into 30 Hands!

Afterwards you’re able to transfer the video they made into your camera roll.  So we then used our Apple TV to broadcast each of our videos so their peers could see.  Each video was about 15-30 seconds long probably.  It was a great way to not only use some technology, but also for the kids to find the examples of math in their every day lives.

I definitely recommend checking out the free and easy to use app 30 Hands, and you can see two of the videos my students made with the app by visiting our YouTube Page.

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