Pre-Order “Kids Deserve It!” NOW! #KidsDeserveIt

Who knew that less than a year ago this day would arrive.

Just 11 months ago, we (Todd and Adam) connected at NAESP in Long Beach, California. Over breakfast and a blog post one morning, the #KidsDeserveIt dream was born.

Now, in just over a week, our first book “Kids Deserve It!” will be released!  

We are thrilled to share with the world a piece of our hearts.  This book was a true labor of love.  It was written so that we could not only challenge the way things have been, share some of our own stories, but also so that we could hopefully encourage those in education and inspire change!

We’ve watched the hashtag take off, guest bloggers on our site challenge the status quo, t-shirt sales (and Donors Choose donations) explode, and more!

And guess what?  This is only the beginning!

So what are you waiting for??  Join the movement.  Pre-Order your own copy of “Kids Deserve It!” now and share with us your thoughts when it releases June 1st!

** If you’re interested in purchasing “Kids Deserve It” in bulk for your staff/organization please contact us at at [email protected]

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