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Recently, I co-authored a blog post called “Loving Recklessly”.  The post was our call to action.  Our speaking out that we have a responsibility to love, and love recklessly.

This past week Katy Perry released a new single called “Rise”.  It’s being used by the 2016 Olympics as their theme song this year and is quite the inspirational tune.

As I was listening to it, a few of the lyrics stuck out to me and reminded me of a few things.

“I won’t just survive”

Too often sometimes it feels like the best we’re doing is just surviving.  We’re just barely making it through the day.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that in those moments of self-doubt, of self-defeat, instead of focusing on ourselves and “just surviving”, what we need to focus on is others.

Do you know that there is research that shows that when you show gratitude to someone else, it increases YOUR mood more than it does theirs!

The best way to get out of a funk or when you feel like you’re merely surviving, is to find someone else to lift up, to encourage, to celebrate.

“Oh ye, of so little faith. Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it”

Doubt.  That thing that grips us so deeply.  That moment where we don’t know if we’re doing the right thing.  Where we wonder if we’re really making a difference.  Where we wonder if we even chose the right career.

Doubt can take root inside of us and take over….if we let it.

Instead we need to be focused on doing what’s best for kids and have a little faith.  Things won’t always work out as planned and they won’t always be the way we wanted the to be, but in the end it’s all in how we deal with it.

So today, choose to have more faith and less doubt.

“I must stay conscious, through the madness and chaos”

As we discussed in our “Loving Recklessly” post, our world is consumed lately with so much madness and chaos.  It seems everywhere that you look there is pain and hurt.

What we can’t allow ourselves to do is become “unconscious” to what is happening around us.  We have to stay alert and continually keep pushing and growing ourselves and showing love and compassion to those around us.

“I will still rise”

Rise.  The entire premise of the song.  

In the end, we still have to choose to rise.  We have to choose to not allow ourselves be overtaken by the pain, the chaos, the negativity.

We can rise above it.  We can climb to new heights.  We can challenge the status quo and be world changers. We have to, if we expect to inspire our kids to do the same.

So today, let’s rise.

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