10 Educators Worth Following This Summer #KidsDeserveIt

Summer is always a time for learning, connecting, and growing!  Below are 10 people I’ve connected with recently who I feel like are GREAT educators to learn from, and might just be a few you haven’t connected with yet! We’re all better when we’re connecting and growing together! Show them some love!

Pennsylvania High school educator, Mitchel Meighen, is an educator who is passionate, funny, creative, and all around great guy!  He is always looking to do what’s best for kids and finding new ways to do it!
Steele is a educator fairly new to Twitter, but who has been a powerhouse already!  He just completed his first full year teaching and has just relocated to Alabama to continue his teaching career!  He is an exceptional new follow!
Kas is an elementary Principal in Oklahoma.  I have loved following Kas’s journey and seeing all the amazing things she shares and feeling her passion through her tweets!
Cornelius is an educator who I highly respect.  He is the definition of a champion for kids and is incredibly intelligent and creative.  I love everything Cornelius shares!
Josh is an administrator in Texas.  Josh is an exceptional leader but also a great writer and champion for all kids.  He is always sharing the work of others and is brilliant in his own right!
I love the work Isis Stephanie Cerda does.  I have been a fan of hers for a while and love how she celebrates the voices of so many.  Always love supporting my fellow Texans as well 🙂
Derek is an educator in Tennessee! I have followed his journey for a little while now and he shares some great stuff!  He was also recently the Tennessee Teacher of the Year!
Sara is someone I just recently became connected with and I have LOVED getting to learn from her in my PLN.  A great author, educator, and all around awesome Twitter sharer!
Not only was Michael recently featured on the Ellen Degeneres show, but he has been teaching and sharing greatness all the while!  He is full of energy and someone who seeks to continually be doing what’s best for all of our kids!
I got to “meet” Shontisa first on Twitter, but then finally face to face a few months ago! I LOVE what Shontisa shares and the things she does with her students.  She is funny and always seeking to go above and beyond despite the challenge! She inspires ME!
There you go! There are 10 people (you’re probably not following) who’ve recently I’ve been growing and learning a lot from!  Connect with them!

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