A Few of My Favorite Things

Often times in conversation I get asked where I got my shirt, or what food service do I love, or where did I find a particular scent. So I decided to write a blog post sharing some of my favorite things with you!

(**some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I may get a discount if you purchase from them using the link)

Favorite Food Order Service –
Blue Apron


There are a lot of food service companies that exist these days, but still my favorite remains Blue Apron. What I love about Blue Apron is that it has introduced me to some really great new ingredients and recipes that I might not have tried otherwise. I love how easy the recipes are to follow, with picture step by step directions. I also love how great the app is. I can select my recipes for each upcoming week, and skip weeks I don’t like any of the recipes. The cost is a tad more expensive than a typical grocery trip, but I get the exact amount of ingredients I need (with no waste) and eat much healthier without all the trying to figure things out on my own. Some of their recipes are also vegan and Whole 30 approved! One final thing I love is that we chose the 2 person meal plan, but it is usually more than enough food so we can have leftovers, or buy an extra protein and cook for more easily!

Downsides: The recipes do not take as short as they advertise. The average Blue Apron recipe will say 30-45 minutes but will really take you a little over an hour to prep and cook.

(I have 5 free boxes to giveaway, if you’d like one, email me!)

Bath/Body Products –


Many of you have probably heard of Birchbox. It’s a monthly subscription service that sends you 5-6 bath/body items each month to try out. From shampoo, to cologne, to soap, to eye cream, face cream, lotion, etc.

Now I’ve never been one to know one self-care product from the other so Birchbox has been a huge helper there! Along with my box, I get an insert that tells me how each item works, why to use it, and the cost if I’d like to buy a full size version. And you fill our a profile so it knows just the types of products you want to try out.

When I first heard about Birchbox I thought it was just a women’s thing (because that IS how it started) but now with their boxes for Men too, I love it!

At only $10 a month (or less depending on how many months you sign up for) this is a steal for all you get. And it’s a great gift idea for someone you don’t know what else to give them!

Downsides: Since I get it every month, I have a lot of eye creams and hair pomades that I don’t use haha.

Favorite Clothing Service –
Stitch Fix


Another company/service I’m sure many of you have heard of before is Stitch Fix. This was one I wasn’t too sure about for a long while. I had heard about it, seen the commercials, and even talked to someone who loved it. But I just didn’t see the point.

Boy was I wrong.

I LOVE Stitch Fix. For $20 a month, after filling out my personal style profile, a Stitch Fix consultant will send me clothing they think fits my style. I send back what I don’t like (in a prepaid package) and leave feedback for my stylist. What I do decide to keep, I pay for. And that $20 monthly fee? It goes towards whatever I keep.

I’ve been using Stitch Fix for about a year now and there are several reasons I love it. I’ve never known how to really style myself or my clothes. With Stitch Fix not only do I get clothing tailored to me, but I also get a card that talks about the different ways I can style myself with those clothes. I’ve also never been a good shopper for clothes (I HATE trying on clothes). Stitch Fix helps me with that by letting me try on at home and just mail back what I don’t like!

I no longer buy any clothing at the store (except jeans, sorry Express just sells the best jeans). I get all my new clothing through Stitch Fix and never have to go shopping 🙂 I also get clothing that I don’t see every other guy wearing! (using the link above gets you $25 extra dollars towards your first order)

Downsides: Some of the clothing can be very expensive (far out of my range anyway!) BUT in my feedback each month I say what I didn’t pick just because of cost and the next month I get better items in my range!

Toilet –


This is one of two sections that may be TMI, but I don’t care. You’ve probably seen those commercials online about the company Poo-Pourri, but hey the product works!

BUT why I’m sharing it here is for a new product they have. It’s called the “The Assistant” and it’s AMAZING!

The original product is a spray bottle that you have to remember to spray into the toilet before you go….number 2. And it eliminates the smell. Great right? If you remember to spray before you sit!

Now with “The Assistant” it sits on the edge of the toilet, and you just wave you hand in front of it, it senses your hand, and sprays for you! So if you’ve already sat down, and forgot to spray, no worries! (using the link above gets you a $5 discount)

Downsides: Yes it’s $50. But yes, it’s worth it. Your spouse/roommate/family will thank you (and for a limited time, if you spend $50 on their site, you get “The Assistant” for free!)

Healthy Breakfast/Smoothies –
Daily Harvest


I had learned about Daily Harvest in one of those instagram promos. And boy, do we love it at my house!

We have a monthly subscription for Daily Harvest, but in reality we skip about 2 out of 3 months because we can make it stretch. You get that kind of flexibility!

You can get soups, smoothies, harvest bowls, lattes, and more! We tend to stick with the smoothies.

There are different plans, but on ours what it does is that when we want that month, we go in and select the flavored items we want that month. They send us the prepackaged cups, flash frozen fruit and veggies (super healthy!), and we put them in our freezer!

Then in the morning, we take out a cup, put it in our blender with some almond milk (or milk/water of your choice) blend it up, and it’s a super healthy breakfast/meal! We’ve tried all the flavors and have liked about 90% of them. Things I would have never thought to mix together, but are oh so good. (using the link above gets you 3 extra cups free)

Downsides: Again, it’s not super cheap, but I really feel like I’m getting what I pay for…and I don’t do it every month to help spread out the cost!

Undergarments –


Again, this may be TMI, but oh well! Underwear. That topic so many are afraid to talk about, but we all know it’s tough to find a brand/pair we love. And when we do find a brand, we’re fans for life!

Well let me introduce to the most comfortable on the planet. MeUndies.

Now, when you first glance at the website you might think something like “$24 for a pair of underwear?!?! You must be kidding me”. But stick with me here.

If you sign up for the monthly plan ($16 a month) not only do you get a pair of undies sent to your home every month, but you can buy additional pairs for $16! Get matching ones for you and your significant other.

Like fun patterns (sloths, sushi, unicorns!)? Great they got those.

Like solid ones cause you ain’t flashy? Awesome, they have those!

Like ones that are in between? Something fun but not crazy? They have those too!

And the world’s most comfortable lounge pants, super comfy socks, and onesies!

You won’t regret this one. (using the link above gets you 20% of your first order)

Downsides: IMO? None.

Household Essentials –
Grove Collaborative


This final one I’m going to share is a new find of mine, called Grove Collaborative.

We’re always looking to help the environment and buy products that are better for our family and the planet.

What Grove does is lead you right to those products. But even better, just like some of the other companies above, you can subscribe to get items delivered to your home monthly! One less thing you have to get at the store! I’m excited to use this company more and more.

Downsides: Not sure yet!

Wrap – Up


So there ya go! There are a few of my favorite things! Hope you found this post useful!

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