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I try really hard to not only focus on building up the culture between staff, students, and parents, but also focusing on the PHYSICAL space as well!! It’s so important that when people visit your school, they feel comfortable. They feel welcomed. They feel wanted.

So, I decided to share a few things we’ve done over the last year to really “spruce” up our space!

Focus on Display Cases

This year we’ve really put a little more effort into utilizing our display cases.

Come up with New Spaces

One of my favorite creations is our Lego Wall! You can read my entire blog post HERE.

Outside your School

It doesn’t have to take much money at all! Whether you’re painting shapes on the concrete to help with car rider line, using your Cricut to cut out words for the entrance, using a company like WaterBoy Graphics to design these professional window clings, or having a parent cut out giant letters that spell out your school for photo-ops, the outside is just as important as the inside!

Giving Ownership to Students

This year we started giving more ownership to our students. Our first task, the Girl’s bathroom! 5 fifth grade girls got to choose the design, paint colors, posters, clock, air freshener, and full length mirror! It hasn’t been cleaner since!

Creating Experiences

It doesn’t have to be all about what you put up! Maybe you just randomly welcome your students into school with a bubble or snow party!

New Options

What about if in the library there were more than just books?? What if there were cooking utensils, stuffed animals, and All American Girl dolls? Items students may not have access to at home!

New Learning Environments

Poll your staff/students and see what interests they bring that your school may not currently serve! This year we added a Green House and Garden to our school (with butterfly habitat coming soon!) all at the request of some interested staff and students!

Local Artists

We find local artists and work with them at a much discounted (and sometimes free) cost! They’ve added several amazing murals to our school, including our house crests!

Office Spaces too!

The office space is just as important! This year, to go along with our theme, we re-designed the office hallway! Changed the Toy Story logo to “Webb Story”, hung giant lights, inflatable dice and crayons, made giant dominoes and block letters, and more! It’s been a big hit!

It Starts With You

In the end it starts with you. You can go as little or big as you want, but just go for it! Our kids (and adults) deserve to be coming into school buildings they can be proud of. You may not have the funds yet, and that’s ok! Don’t ever let that stand in your way!

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