Creating a Lego Wall #KidsDeserveIt

About a month ago I shared this photo of our lego wall we finished…

Well needless to say, it went a little viral and I’ve been meaning to blog about its creation and the details behind it, because there have been MANY questions!

This lego board has actually been two years in the making.  I remember visiting Brad Gustafson and then Ben Gilpin‘s schools a few years ago and saw that one had created these portable lego stations that kids could build on, and the other created a wall similar to the one above.  From marble runs to re-designing book covers these two principals were creating with kids!

I wanted our school to have something similar.

So the first thing we did was buy a sheet of plywood and some green lego baseplates. Amazon limited us to how many base plates we could buy, so we had to purchase them in different orders haha. We got some crown molding and glued around the edges to make it look nicer. Then we screwed the plywood into our cinderblock wall, then used wood glue to glue the baseplates down to the plywood.

When it came time to add legos I bought many different kinds of official lego packs off of Amazon.  But I wanted to display them where they could be seen and easy to access. We waited over a year to put the legos up because we couldn’t think of just the right holding mechanism.  Then it just hit me! In our office we had these mail holders outside each of our doors and it would be the perfect thing to hold in legos! So I bought 9 of them.

We then screwed those into the wall and voila! Lego Wall Complete!

This wall will be used to calm down upset students, allow visitors to stop and create, and have different creations and challenges with groups of students as well!

Do you have a lego wall at your school? How are YOU using it?

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