Fun Brain Breaks with @GoNoodle

Recently I heard about the website GoNoodle.  We know that sometimes class can lull or we need to just break up our day, and what better way to do that then with a “brain break”.  Because of that I have fallen in love with GoNoodle, who exists to do just that!  And best of all?  It’s completely free!
But rather than hear about why I love it, I had three of my 5th grade students write “reviews” over three of the videos we watched and worked-out/danced to.

“Shake” review by Kelly
This is a great video because it actually will get kids up and exercising.  Also, it will encourage people to exercise more often while having a lot of fun doing it.  And when you’re finished you will be excited wanting to do it again by making you jump, shake, and finally turn!
“Zumbazooka” review by Kaela
Zumbazooka is a fun and interactive dance that will leave you wanting more.  You curve and swerve to the music and follow along with the demonstrators.
“100 M Hurdles” review by Clayton
This is a good video because at the beginning someone gives you exercises and she actually has you run and hurdle!  You need to spread out for this video though otherwise it can get dangerous!
Check it out today!  Your kids will enjoy a little brain break from their day!

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