20 to Watch

So last week was my Spring Break.  Instead of enjoying my Spring Break relaxing like most people, I spent my Spring Break traveling to San Diego, California.

In about Early February I had gotten a notification that I was selected by the National School Board Association as one of their “20 to Watch”.  They choose twenty people in education that they think are going to change the face of education with the things they’re doing.  You can learn more here http://www.nsba.org/Newsroom/Press-Releases/2013/NSBA-Celebrates-20-to-Watch-Leaders-Advancing-Education-Technology.html

I was shocked to be selected.  I’m a teacher from a little ole’ town in Texas.  The other winners were superintendents, directors, and so much more!  I still am in shock that I was selected.

But the NSBA held a ceremony for us on Monday March 11.  So I packed my bags and my wife and I drove from Texas to San Diego (yes a 23 hour drive)!  But I wanted to be there and since I had to pay for the entire trip myself driving was definitely cheaper than flying!

On the 11th (which just so also happened to be my Birthday; what a great gift, right?) first I showed up at 11am for an Interview.  Each of us had about a 10-15 minute video interview about why we won and what things we were doing at our schools and they’re going to cut the videos down and make one big video with clips from each of our interviews (I’ll post that link as soon as I get it!)

Then I got to go to a “Meet & Greet” with the other winners who were able to attend the conference (15 out of the 20 attended).  That was incredible because I got to hear people from all over the country talk about the amazing things they were doing.  Man did I feel out of place then!  Now I know people have told me before “You deserve it, hush!” but when I hear these other people in education talk about the amazing things they’re doing sometimes I feel a little out of place haha.

After the Meet & Greet, then we headed over to our Recognition Program where Douglas O’Brien from TechSmith presented us each with a framed certificate, iTunes Gift Card, and some free TechSmith Software.  Quite the honor!

After the recognition reception we headed over to “Little Italy” and TechSmith treated all of us to a three-course meal with the menu in our honor!  It was just a great stress-free time to interact with and talk to all those amazing people!

It was also really cool to meet a few of the other 20, because I had already been following a few on Twitter!!  So making that face to face contact kinda made it feel like I was meeting some celebrities, and they were more cool than I even imagined!

I had such a blast at the entire experience.  I am so honored but I also know that I did not win the award on my own merit.  I am part of a team.  My district, my school, and several of my co-workers.  It’s because of how well we all work together that I won.  So yes I got the award, but I really feel more like it’s a reflection of all the hard work the people around me do!

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