#periScopeOut: Educators Sharing their Spaces and Stories

Almost two weeks ago I was talking with Jeff Herb on Voxer and he mentioned that he would love to see my new school sometime. While traditionally that would mean a trip from Illinois to Texas (which still isn’t out of the question), a new tool has emerged that has enabled video broadcasting to anyone interested in watching. I suggested that we Periscope our buildings sometime and after about 15 minutes of rapid fire ideas, the periScopeOut was born.

We want educators to share their stories. Whether that means touring their building or talking specifically about avenues to student learning, the power of diverse ideas is what will continue revolutionizing our profession.

There is great wealth in having the opportunity to ‘scope out’ the ways in which others are doing what you’re doing (or looking to do).

What the heck is Periscope?

Periscope is an app that allows users to broadcast a live video stream. People can watch the stream via the Periscope app or simply by clicking on the link that gets shared via Twitter.

So what is #periScopeOut?

It is a day full of Periscope broadcasts that are specific to a certain topic or idea. You schedule a 15/20 minute time slot to periScopeOut your space so everyone can view and learn.

When is the next periScopeOut?

The next (and first ever) periScopeOut is August 6th starting at 8am Central. The theme is simply, “Building Tours”! See 24 different buildings from across the world in the course of one day.

How do I tell my story?

Anyone can sign up to share your story or space. Sign up here. The upcoming periScopeOut has 24 time slots available.

How do I spectate?

Check out this site for the details. Follow the @periScopeOut Twitter account and #periScopeOut hashtag.

Wait, what is happening?

Still have questions? Read this page and if you still have questions reach out to @jeffherb or @techninjatodd and we’ll help!

How can I help?

Tweet this out and spread the word!

Educators are getting ready to share their story on Aug 6th via @periScopeOut! Find out more here: periscopeout.com and join us! #periScopeOut

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