Roller Coasters, Visitors, and Snakes!

Another eventful week!!

Most of the week was spent on completing our Roller Coaster project.  This project had no real reason except to be fun at the end of the year.  About a month ago I told my students to start collecting toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, etc).  Then they were split into groups of their choosing and all I told them was that they needed to build me a really creative roller coaster where the marble could start at one end and make it to the other end without any human help.  All they could use was cardboard and tape (that they had to bring).  Their creativity was awesome!  Some coasters had flips, turns, jumps, tunnels, and more!  It was just a fun and creative activity for the end of the year.

We also were fortunate enough to have a group of teachers from Willis ISD come and observe us this week!  They wanted to check out our students, class, and projects.  It is always a blast getting to share what we do with others!
Finally, I love current events.  On Monday evening last week, the largest snake ever caught in Florida was caught.  It was 18 feet and 8 inches!  So of course the next day in class the students and I measured out how long it was, we talked about invasive species, and I found this awesome video on that we watched in class.  Did I lose a day of class?  Yes.  But man the conversations were awesome and it was great getting to discuss “history” as it was happening!
Here’s to another great week!

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