Iceberg Moments #KidsDeserveIt

We’ve all seen or heard the iceberg analogy.  That idea that you only see about 10% of what is actually happening in someone’s life, while the other 90% happens beneath the surface.  I think we could all agree with how completely true that is.


When you think about that analogy from a personal perspective, it helps remind us that we don’t always know what is going on in deep within the lives of our students and our co-workers.  We don’t always see the entire picture.  And sometimes that’s our own fault.  We don’t work to put on the scuba gear and dive beneath the surface. But other times it may be because the water at the top has already frozen over because the person doesn’t want us seeing any deeper.  It may be too painful to share.  To difficult to allow others to see.  Or they may have always been told to handle their own problems and not put weight on others.


But that’s when we, as divers, get out our ice picks, and chip away.  We have some children and co-workers, who are struggling with some pretty deep issues.  Who are allowing you to only see 10% of who they are.


Let’s take time this week to sit with others on our team and just share. Ask about life, listen to other’s stories without bringing it back to your own experiences.  When we truly make the effort to see beneath the surface there’s so much more we can learn from each other.

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