12 Educators Worth Following on Twitter #KidsDeserveIt

Every so often I love to use the platform I have to recognize other educators in our field.  I have learned so much through tools like Twitter.  But those tools are only as good as the people you choose to surround yourself with!

These are some educators online who I think have some great resources, ideas, and just flat out big hearts for kids! I hope you show them some love and follow, interact, and learn alongside them!

Jordan is a first year, 3rd Grade teacher in Missouri.  Jordan is dynamite.  He is creative, energetic, and always trying new things for his kids.  And what’s better? He’s a first year teacher!!!  He is trying to build his PLN online and is sharing things he’s doing in his classroom.  Jordan is a definite must follow as I’m sure he’s going to be “one to watch” with some of the things he’s doing in the classroom.
Nate is a 7th grade teacher in Indiana.  I had the pleasure of meeting Nate a year or so ago when he was JUST getting started on social media.  Nate is a huge encourager and passionate about truly doing what’s best for kids.  He’s full of great ideas and is someone I would definitely recommend following.
Teresa is a Middle School teacher in New York!  Teresa is a powerhouse.  She is excited about kids and learning but just as excited about sharing that with the world at large.  Teresa is someone who is active online and wants to connect, learn, and grow.
Keith is an elementary Principal in Florida.  Where do I even begin with Keith?  He is always going above and beyond for his students and teachers.  He’s got an INCREDIBLE TEDx Talk and is always sharing.  He wears costumes, plays with kids, and isn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box.  Keith teaches me something every single day.
Shaina is an educator in Texas.  Shaina is someone who’s super passionate about technology and using tech with kids to have them create!  She shares countless great ideas and always has me checking her feed to see what’s new in EdTech.
Tom Spall is an Instructional Technologist in Texas. Like Shaina, I view Tom as a leading voice in what’s happening in Google and EdTech.  Tom is funny, active, and always willing to lend a helping hand to help you.  He’s got great ideas and is coming up with things I would have never imagined! I love learning from Tom.
Like Jordan, Ciji is fairly new to Twitter.  I have come across her tweets recently in different feeds and I have really enjoyed them. Ciji is super encouraging, and shares some awesome things going on at her school as well as just encouraging things in general.  Ciji is another “one to watch”!
Julie is a Reading teacher in Texas.  Julie’s passion for what she does shines through on her Twitter feed.  She is constantly sharing the greatness going on in her classroom and online. Julie is also one who will connect and learn alongside you.  She puts herself out there and wants to continually be growing.
Matthew is an Elementary Principal in Illinois.  Matthew is another active user of Twitter and one that loves amplifying others.  He’s constantly sharing great links, sharing his own thoughts, and sharing encouraging messages.  I love checking out his feed!
Amy is an Instructional Coach in Texas.  What I love about Amy, besides that fact that like the others on this list she’s always sharing her ideas, is that Amy isn’t afraid to learn from others.  Amy sent me a DM one day asking to come hang out at my school….with 6 of her colleagues.  She came asked questions, interacted, persicoped, and more.  I love when people step out and learn from others, but Amy really is the real deal.  She is constantly sharing great ideas!
Of course, I have my buddy Chris Pombonyo.  Chris is a PHENOMENAL teacher!  The things he does in his class blow me away.  He is so passionate about doing what’s best for kids and loves sharing out his ideas on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  He’s full of energy and has already been recognized by some pretty great organizations for the work he’s done! Chris is def one to connect with.
Dana is an award winning elementary Principal in Texas.  Dana is one of the kindest people.  I had the pleasure of very briefly meeting her in June, but have followed her online since.  She is doing amazing things at her school and for kids.  She is passionate about change and is someone I strive to be more like!
So there you go! There are 12 people I am really loving learning from right now! Great people to check out, follow, and connect with!

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