You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone.

Now I know I’ve said something to this affect before, if not many times.

But this morning it’s just been heavy on my heart.

I feel like there’s someone who needs to hear it.

Someone who needs to know that you’re not the only one worrying about your finances, or feeling overwhelmed with your work load, or feeling like you walk into a building full of people and still feel utterly alone.

Today be reminded that we’re here. By we, I mean all of us.  When we get overwhelmed by our emotions we begin to feel like it’s just us. That we’re alone in our pain and no one will ever relate or understand.

Or worse we begin to compare our pain to others and feel like our pain is so stupid compared to what others are going through, that we don’t say a word.

Your pain is real. It matters. Don’t compare it, don’t disregard it, don’t wallow in it.

You were meant for this world we live in. It isn’t always easy or pretty, regardless of what social media may tell you.  But it’s worth it. And together we’re going to make it better.

Let’s do this.

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