STAAR Week! Week 27 April 1-5, 2013

So this week was finally the time.  The time for our state standardized test (or STAAR).

So Monday we had a last minute review where I mainly just talked with the kids about setting a goal and not stressing out about the test.  I haven’t mentioned STAAR much this year because I think it should be treated just like any other exam and not given all this extra attention too.

Tuesday we took the Math.  We have four timed hours to take it so we took it from 9am-1pm.  The kids seemed to work really hard, but I had 3 kids finish in the last 10 minutes!  Talk about stressed!!

Then Wednesday we took the Reading STAAR.  The reading is also timed for four hours.

Talk about two terrible days of testing!  I was soooo bored just walking around for four hours monitoring my students.

Thursday and Friday we did something different.  Our After School program has purchased this lego for Education set, so I borrowed it.  Thursday my students build lego robots from the set using the directions and plugging it into a computer and making it work.  Then Friday I had the students create their own working robots from their imagination and not from a book!  They had a blast and really got to learn while playing!  It was great!  I have some cool project ideas for next week that I’m excited to blog about 🙂

Also, for the next two weeks (starting Monday) I will also be tweeting for the twitter account @PRIschoolyear  please feel free to follow the account and check out my tweet as I take on a new endeavor with PRI!

I also forgot to blog about last week how we played a review game with QR codes.  The kids would scan the code, answer the question, then find the next card that had the answer at the top.  It was a blast!

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