Week Twenty – February 4-8, 2013

Let me preface this post by saying that I was only at my campus on Monday, because Tuesday through Friday I was at TCEA (my state’s Technology Conference) and Saturday I attended my Region IV Math Conference.  You can read about my trip to those by following this link


But on Monday my students started a project that was VERY indepth and they worked on that project all week with the substitute, and none of them have finished!

I needed a great activity to do with my students to review them for their Spring Benchmark coming up.  Since I no longer teacher test formatted questions I scrambled my brain thinking of the best way to review all the material.  Then I remembered another teacher I know had mention making board games!  So, that’s what they’ve been doing.

Students are in groups of four and each group is responsible for creating a board game.  They have to design the game board, come up with a name, come up with rules for the game, game pieces, and then create question cards for the game.  I gave them all of our State Standards for 5th grade and they are creating a total of 120 questions (10 for each TEK).  After they’re done creating their questions, we’re going to exchange board games and play each other’s games.

They are having a blast doing it, and I can’t way to be back next week to see what they’ve done and to take some pictures to share with all of you!  So this post is short and sweet 🙂

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