Classroom/School Playlist

Music sets the tone. It helps us feel something. It can completely change our mood. I’m a huge fan of using music in all sorts of ways whether it’s a staff meeting, a lesson in my classroom, working out, gardening, or even when I’m presenting.

Because friends of mine know I’m such a huge consumer of music, they always ask me for my current playlist. Mainly cause I love to find songs that people haven’t always heard of. Of course the songs I’m going to share below are appropriate for any age and can be played in the classroom or at large events without any concerns of inappropriate language or suggestive content! And I love finding songs from all styles of music. So there’s hopefully a little something for everyone.

I figured the easiest way to share them is through YouTube links. They’re all available on streaming networks but with everyone seeming to have access to a different network, YouTube seemed easiest.

Now in saying that, I am an Apple Fanboy to the max, so I use Apple Music. You can find all these songs on my “School/Classroom Playlist, September 2020” here:

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my current 20 favorites to share in a classroom or school setting!

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