It’s Ok to Walk Away

For far too long walking away from a toxic situation has been portrayed as weakness.

But I want to challenge that thought today.

Instead, I believe that walking away from toxicity actually shows strength. Because regardless of how painful the situation is, it can often be very difficult to walk away.

Whether it’s a toxic…
– Friendship
– Relationship
– Job
– Family Relationship

or anything else.

If you’re somewhere that is toxic and affecting your spiritual, mental, or physical health, it is ok to leave. 

That’s one of the biggest reasons I left my principal job at Webb Elementary. I LOVED my team and those kids and families. But there were people in places of power who created such a toxic work environment that I was physically getting ill and facing extreme anxiety (not to mention the emotional abuse I found myself facing). 

Walking away was the hardest decision I ever made. But today I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. 

I had to remember that if I didn’t take care of myself, I could never help take care of anyone else.

I know everyone isn’t in a position to walk away from your personal toxicity TODAY, and that’s ok! But it’s never too early to start making a plan and looking at your resources.

You matter too.

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