Week Three – Sept 17-21, 2012

Another amazing week of Flipped Class.  I really am having the time of my life.
Monday was our “Housekeeping” day.  The students filled out their weekly “Flipped Class Survey” (http://goo.gl/TEcDo) and also answered a Poll on Edmodo about whether or not they liked taking their CBA online (only 1 student out of 75 did not).  The students also worked on creating their new Vocabulary flash cards.
I also partnered them up and between their partner and themselves they chose 3 questions from the CBA they missed and corrected them with their partner.
Today we finished the partner work over CBA corrections and then I had each group get in front of the class and teach one of the problems they chose to re-do.  It was pretty interesting to watch them try to teach their classmates.
This was the most fun part of the week.  I put the students into groups of four and gave them an iPod Nano and had them create a video that taught me about 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication.  My students get SO excited about making the videos.  And I even had an AHA moment!  Because we’re not doing any video editing, the students have to have their video in one fluid shot.  Since they laugh, and other things during their video they have to keep re-recording it.  WHICH MEANS, they had to keep doing those multiplication problems again and again and again!  They didn’t even realize how MUCH math they were doing because they were having so much fun making their actual videos.
The videos were MUCH better this time, than our first attempt during Place Value.  You can check out the kids videos at www.youtube.com/tnesloney
Today we focused on different word problems and the kids did two individually and then partnered up to check and re-explain to their partners how they solved them.  They did an excellent job today!
I am still in awe at the amount of fun and amount of learning that is taking place in my classroom this year.  I can’t wait to see how the year will continue to progress.

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