Week Four – Sept 24-28, 2012

Another amazing week of Flipped Class….here goes the run down!


I called this day our “House Cleaning” day.  The kids answered a poll on Edmodo about what they thought about me including my face in the Flipped Class videos.  It was pretty evenly split which I found interesting.  The kids who liked it said they liked it because they could SEE me talking, while the other students said it was distracting to see me in the corner.  Not sure what I’m going to do about that….yet!

The kids also filled out their 3rd week Surveys.  Here are the results http://goo.gl/Um3Sf .

The kids then made their vocabulary words for this week.

Then we played a dice game for me to quickly asses who did and did not have the concept of multiplication down.  Each student was given a dice, and they had 5 blanks to fill.  They were doing 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication (hence the 5 blanks).  They had to roll the dice five times and fill in the blanks with the numbers they rolled and then do the multiplication.  They had four minutes.  After four minutes they had to exchange with a partner and check each others work.  If they found a mistake in their partners work, they won points! They acted like the game was really fun, and the kids with top three scores at the end of the game (three rounds) go popsicles at lunch that day.  It was a very easy way for me to quickly see who was still struggling with multiplication.


This was seriously one of my most true “Flipped Class” lessons.  I had soooo much fun today!  This was also the day that our Campus Technologist, District Curriculum Director, Assistant Superintendent, District Technology Director, and a Student Teacher all decided to drop in at some point!  Talk about pressure!  I’m just glad I had a killer lesson!

First I gave the kids a three question quick multiplication “quiz”.  Those who missed two or mor were put into a group to work with me so that I could help them in a small group with their multiplication skills.

The other students were put into groups of three and had to start planning to create an “instructional” division video.  Their rules were:
1.  Every person in the group has to complete a division problem on video (don’t have to show face).
2.  At least one of the three problems has to be a three digit dividend and two digit divisor.
3.  The division has to be correct.
4.  Must also explain the five steps to division (D,M,S,C,B)
5.  Must have their multiplication check work.

I planned this video a little differently in telling them that there would be no story-line like past videos.  All they were to do was teach the math, and every person in the group had to do at least one problem.

It was awesome, because as I was working with a small group, the other kids were in their groups working (many had their devices out to find ways to use them in their videos), and if the kids got confused about division, they went over to a computer (or used their device) to pull up our “Division” video on Sophia.org and re-watched the part they were struggling on.  SO, they never had to interrupt my small group and they got to get the help ON THEIR OWN, by re-watching the instructional video.

As the kids in MY group got the concept of multiplication, I split them into groups to begin their work on their division video.

It was so awesome to see how hard all the kids were working and the fun they were having.  They had devices out watching the videos, I had kids at the computer’s re-learning parts to division, and they were really working to make sure everyone in their group understood the concept.  It was amazing how fluid everything went, and how in charge of their own learning they were.  I truly got to be a “helping hand” and work with the strugglers.

I also got the idea today to host “Parent Flipped Class” days once a month where parents could come in and participate in our Flipped Class and watch their kids in action….not sure yet!


Today we spent time finalizing plans for the videos and the kids actually recording the videos.  Because they had three members in each group, and each member had to do one division problem, it took them a WHILE to finish the videos.

We don’t use any video editing software, so they kids had to get it in one take.  So if person number three messed up, they had to start the video ALL over again!  But it was excellent practice for them!


Today we spent time working on vocabulary and taking a multiplication and division quiz so I could assess how well my kids are just grasping the CONCEPT of multiplication and division and next week we’re gonna focus on the actual word problems and how to work through those!

They also took their fourth Vocabulary Quiz through Edmodo.  I love using VERY little paper in my classroom!!

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