Week Twenty-Three, February 25-March 1, 2013

This week was fun!

On Monday we went over the benchmark that we had taken from the previous week.  After adjusting the scores to match the pass rates of the STAAR Test (our State Standardized Test) we ended up with having 84.7% passing!  That was great!  Way better than my last year Spring Benchmark scores.  It’s just more proof that not only does the Flipped Classroom work, but also proof that if you have a completely PBL (Project Based Learning) environment with NO test formatted questions  you can still score high!  You DON’T have to teach a test!  I’m just so excited that all the work I’ve put in this year is really paying off, and since I’m completely PBL I’ve had soooooo much fun in the process!

Tuesday-Thursday we FINALLY got to play the board games the kids spent two weeks making!  Talk about fun.  They kids had a blast playing each others games.  And they got to grade each others games too and they were tough!  But my students have really started creating exceptional final products (except for a few students that I’m still working on).

This week I’ve also been rotating groups through our PPCD Class (that is the class that houses young children with unique needs).  I want my students to respect, love, and value those that are different then them, and this has been such a heartwarming experience watching them work with those students.  I know the PPCD teachers have loved it too and we’re definitely going to continue it throughout the year!

Friday I was gone at a conference so the students worked in groups figuring out different word problems.

I am SOOO excited about next week though because our first ever 5th grade Math Fair is Thursday March 7th!!  The students have been working for over a month and a half on their projects and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

I’m also excited that I can FINALLY announce that I was selected by the National School Board Association as one of their “20 to Watch” for 2013!!!  So Pumped!  You can read more about it here


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