A Missing Piece

As a new principal, one of the things I really wanted to focus on, was involving the entire community in helping our campus succeed.

One of the ideas that I had was to have a Business/Community Open House before school started.  One where we invite the business owners in town to come tour the campus, hear our vision, see what we have in store, and figure out a way for us to work together!

We planned the date (this upcoming Tuesday) and got the ball rolling.  I had postcards made and I split them between my office staff and asked the office staff (including myself) to hand deliver them to businesses inviting them to our open house.

What happened next was eye opening.  As my assistant Principal (Terry Garrett) and I visited businesses downtown, the experience was unexpected.  The business owners were shocked.  They didn’t know why we were inviting them.  They had never even been asked to be a part of the education system.  And some didn’t even know where the Intermediate School was located.  But most of all, they were interested.  They WANTED to come.  They WANTED to be a part.  They were just waiting for an invitation.

The conversations turned to excitement.  The conversations turned to interest.  Most of all, the conversations started.

Too many times, we as educators, forget to involve ALL stakeholders in our journey.  Sometimes people need an invitation.  They need to know they’re wanted.

At Navasota Intermediate, we’re going to bring everyone in.  We’re going to work with this entire community to do what’s best for these kids.

Will many business owners show up to our Business/Community Open House on Tuesday?  Who knows.  But I know one thing, the conversation has begun, and the walls are beginning to fall down.

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