You Are More

Why do we limit ourselves….

Sometimes we limit ourselves by saying “oh I’m just a teacher” or “oh I’m just a parent”. And even more so other times we are limited by the opinions of others.

But today I want you to realize something…

You are not, nor never will you be, just one thing.  And the first person you have to convince that of is YOU.

You are NOT a failure, unless you tell yourself you are. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about at work, in friendships, or even within your own family.

We are all more than just one thing.

Oftentimes we are the one standing in our own way. We convince ourselves we aren’t worthy, we aren’t doing our best, we aren’t the right person.

And yes, like I mentioned above, there are often times it’s not just US. Sometimes we have people in our personal and professional lives who it seems all they do is tell us….

– Your just a teacher/aide/substitute/principal you can’t change things here
– you’re just a parent, that’s not your role
– no one asked for your opinion
– that’s a great idea but we’re not going to use it (gaslighting)
– it’s better to be seen than heard
– do the job, get your paycheck, and go home

As we enter further into the summer months, spend some time rediscovering who YOU are.

Find a new hobby, explore an untapped passion, take a risk!

Most importantly, do something for YOU! That makes YOU happy.

You are more. You deserve more.

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