Hope in Small Moments

Throughout my last few years of blogging, I’ve tried to show all sides of what we’re doing in education.  The awesome, as well as the struggles.

I choose to believe that all of us struggle with our jobs as educators.  We all have those nagging fears or lingering doubts.

We see other people doing incredible things.  We hear how great things are going in classrooms or schools.  And we look at our own situations and wonder if we’re doing it wrong.

I love what Hope King has said is that “sometimes online all we’re seeing is someone’s highlight reel”.

I love blogging.  I love tweeting.  I love sharing photos.  I truly love sharing the great things we’re doing at our campus, in our district, and what’s going on around the country.

But there are times I doubt too.  Times I feel as if I’m doing it all wrong.  Times as if I wonder if I’m making any difference at all.

And I catch my mind drifting often to those doubts, those insecurities.  I forget the impact I have. I allow myself to get swallowed up by untruths.

Sometimes it’s things people mumble under their breath or post online.  Sometimes it’s my own self-reflection of things.

But I wanted to write a post today to remind you, that if you also have those doubts, those wonderings if you’re doing the best you can, you’re not alone.

Every one of us, regardless of how successful we may seem, have our down days.  We all have our days we wonder if we’re doing anything right.

I myself, have those days more often then not.  But it’s important we don’t lose sight of the great things that are happening around us and through us.  That we don’t compare ourselves or our situations to others.

We have to make sure we daily take the time to notice even the smallest moments.  We have to surround ourselves with others who will uplift and encourage us.  We have to look ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves that we are worthy.  We are important.  We have value.

So if you’e doubting, if you’re feeling broken or spent or worn out, you’re not alone. We all get there.  But we work our way through it, and we always remember that little eyes, little hands, and little hearts are counting on us.  They’re expecting us to show up and lead them.

Today, celebrate the small moments.  Though they may be hard to find, they’re there.  Hold on tight to them.

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