I think we all face those moments that don’t just feel like they break us, but instead leave us shattered on the floor. Those moments we’re not sure how we’d ever be able to pick up all the pieces and feel whole again.

Maybe it’s…

  • A breakup or divorce
  • a death or loss of a loved one
  • finding out you have a terminal disease
  • suffering a miscarriage or infertility
  • getting laid off
  • a huge fight with a spouse, friend, or loved one
  • having a spouse who loses their job
  • fears that feel insurmountable
  • a workload that continues to pile up with no end in sight

The list could truly go one and on and on.

I know for me I can think of several instances in my own life where I’ve felt shattered. Where even though I am a man of faith, I felt abandoned, alone, or forgotten about in the midst of my pain.

I don’t know about you, but 2020 has in many ways felt like that for me. Yes, in part because of a world-wide pandemic, but also because of so many “behind the scenes” stories I haven’t felt ready to share yet.

I feel like I speak with someone new each week who is feeling incredibly broken. Who doesn’t know how much longer they can hold on.

A group I used to love to listen to was Group1Crew. The female lead singer, Blanca, left the group a few years ago to pursue a solo career and has released several incredible albums. In my car this week, a song by her came on and immediately it spoke to my heart.

It’s her single “Shattered” (which you can listen to below). But these words specifically spoke to my brokenness…

“I have seen valleys, the lowest of lows
I have felt heartache that would not let go
I have been shaken, deep in my soul
I have been broken more than you know

But here I am still standing
So believe me when I say

If you shatter
Every piece of you that’s on the floor
He can restore
And after
You’ll be even stronger than before
He can restore
What shattered”

Now let me be clear….this is no way saying things will be easier. But it was a reminder that I have been through hard things before. In the midst of that pain I can’t ever see the “why”. But further down the road I come to learn the lesson and growth that only came from my brokenness.

So today, you may be feeling shattered. You may not even be sure if you can hold on much longer. But you are stronger than you know and you can’t ever be too proud to ask for or seek out help. There’s always, yes always, someone who is ready to listen.

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